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Tyler in the community

Why Me?

Kokomo is a special city – the City of Firsts. It’s the place where I grew up and went to school, bought a home and raised our five children with my wife of 18 years, helped build our successful local family business, and stepped up to serve the public in elected office as a Howard County Commissioner for the past ten years.

My connection to this land and its people runs deep. As the fourth great-grandson of Miami Indian Chief Jean Baptiste Richardville – after whom Howard County was originally named – I’m well aware that Kokomo is a diverse and thriving community that extends well beyond downtown and into vibrant family neighborhoods.

Tyler MooreI’m running for Mayor because I care deeply about Kokomo and its wonderful people. I see all too clearly where we are falling short today, due to a legacy of failed leadership and unbridled bureaucracy in city hall.

I’m running on a platform of bold, detailed plans to fix our roads and crumbling infrastructure; bring greater transparency and accountability to managing your tax dollars; provide significant economic growth opportunities for entrepreneurs, local businesses, and companies of every size; and make our neighborhoods and schools safer, by rebuilding the Kokomo Police Department and Kokomo Fire Department and better allocating the appropriate and necessary resources.

It’s time to expect more from your leaders. It’s time to get serious about building a better Kokomo. That’s why I’m running – and I promise to bring traditional conservative, common-sense, Christian values to our hometown.